Maytree Chainsaw Sculptures

Tawny Owls


Get your very own Tawny Owl Chainsaw Carving. One of my most popular must have items, they always get peoples attention at shows. I spend a lot of time finishing the details on these owls. Subtle burning and hints of white mimic the natural patterns on a real tawny owl’s feathers.

As with all my garden sculptures, these owls have been fully treated with the best professional wood preservative I can get. I don’t scrimp on quality as it’s super important to me to ensure that your very own work of art will last for many years in the garden for everyone to enjoy.
The white stain is sure to make this wooden sculpture stand out. A great way to brightening up any shady corners in your garden. All you need to do is decide what size you'd like, and if you want a sleepy owl, or an alert beady eyed owl keeping watch over your garden.

Approximate total height including plinth:

  • Large 80cm-100cm
  • Medium 45cm - 50cm
  • Small 30cm - 35cm

For more information on how to care for your sculpture please visit my care & matenence page.

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