Maytree Chainsaw Sculptures

Little Owl


I love these cute Little Owls. Subtle burning and the use of white stain mimics the natural patterns on a real Little Owl’s feathers.

This Medium sized design incorporates a small stump plinth to give your owl some height. Whilst keeping the overall sculpture small enough to post cheaply and still fit in even the smallest of gardens.

As with all my garden sculptures, this owl has been fully treated with the best professional wood preservative I can get. I don’t scrimp on quality as it’s super important to me to ensure that your very own work of art will last for many years in the garden for everyone to enjoy.
The white stain is sure to make this Chainsaw Carving Garden Statue pop! A great way to brightening up any shady corners in your garden.

For more information on how to care for your sculpture please visit my care & matenence page.

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